Timely Warnings from the Scholars of Haqq

My attention was brought to some very important words of the Sheikh Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi concerning the perilous times we live in, and the divergent paths that certain parties amongst this Ummah are being led astray upon, ultimately to the effect of taking them out of the fold of Islam entirely and transforming them into some of the greatest enemies of Islam.

A Timely Warning Against Both Extremes that We Could Fall Into

“Warning against those who water down the religious principles is an obligation, as it is also an obligation to warn against the extremists.”

“The media of the Tawagheet and the palace scholars and the religious clerics of those who are funded by foreign governments, all talk about the Khawarij and the extremists. But those who talk about the Murji’ah and about the ones who water down the religious principles and the ones who demolish the most trustworthy handhold of Islam, are very few. So we are bringing back the balance.”

Who are the Murji’ah and What Purpose Do They Serve for the Tawagheet?

“The Murji’ah and the Madkhalis and the palace scholars are like livestock for the Tawagheet; they use some of them for riding and reaching their destinations and for their authority-related objectives, and they use the others for beautifying the Taghut rule and to give it an Islamic flavor and a religious covering…! So the way these Tawagheet use them resembles the way in which people use livestock:-”

“And (He created) horses, mules and donkeys, so that you may ride on them, and they may give you a good look.” (Surah Nahl:8)

“The Madkhalis and the Murji’ah extremists and the palace scholars apply the Fiqh of obeying the leader who takes over rule by force, rather even submitting to him when he is a Taghut..! Whereas if he was Islamist, they would turn into revolutionaries permitting rebellion against the ruler, and they would join armed revolutions and take advantage of demonstrations..!” 

So on one hand, the Khawarij took the verses that were sent down about the disbelievers, and they applied them on the Muslims. On the other hand, the Murji’ah and the Madkhalis and the palace scholars took the verses and the texts and the consensuses that spoke about the just leaders and applied them on the Tawagheet..! Both of them do not understand how the rules are made, and they play about when applying the rules to the reality.

The Murji’ah and the palace scholars busy themselves for covering up the mistakes and for justifying them. As for the Khawarij and the extremists they busy themselves for explosions and destructions.

The Clash Between the People of Truth and Those of Both Extremes

As for the people of truth, they busy themselves in calling towards Tawheed and in striving for rectification.

The clash between the callers to Tawheed & rectification, and between those who cover up the mistakes and who state justifications, is with regards to preserving the law of Allah from being suspended and for protecting the fundamentals of allegiance & disownment and the most trustworthy handhold of Islam from being watered down and abandoned.

As for their clash with the Khawarij and the extremists then it is for ensuring that Takfeer and killing and explosions are directed towards the enemy who is waging war, and to save the project of the people of Islam from destruction.

As for the Khawarij, they fight the supporters of the truth with their swords, while the Murji’ah fight them with the sword of the Taghut.

The extremists and the Khawarij distort the truth and turn people away from Tawheed. And those who water down the religious principles and the Murj’ah make the Taghut look good and justify actions that are Shirk. The extremists distort the project of Tawheed, and the Murji’ah and those who water down the religious principles and the palace scholars support the projects of the Tawagheet & they support Shirk.

Due to that, if the Khawarij are the dogs of the hellfire – and the majority opinion is that they won’t remain therein forever, then the Murji’ah are the dogs of the Taghuts. The Taghut feeds them from his crumbs, & so they ally with him & they guard his kingdom & they bark at anyone who criticizes his heretic rule and they support him with their tongues and their spear. And these are acts of Kufr which would make one remain in the hellfire forever.

Due to that, the danger of the Murji’ah and those who water down the religious principles and the palace scholars, towards the religion and the Ummah & Tawheed is not less than the danger of the extremists and the Khawarij. And it is obligatory to warn against both of them.

What is the Only Defense Against Misguidance and Compromise?

Whoever boarded the bus of “revolution” under compulsion will welcome the buses of negotiations and submission under option. And he who enters it while having the darkness of Irjaa in his Aqeedah and with compromise of the religious principles then his compromises will prevail over him and he will act according to his funder’s and ruler’s desires.Sheikh Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi

But for those who wage Jihad upon insight with the methodology of Tawheed and Jihad, then his Jihad will not deviate towards negotiations under the supervision and instructions of his enemies. He will not compromise on his firm principles no matter what they label him, until he meets Allah.

O Allah, we ask you for steadfastness for us and for our Mujahideen brothers! Ameen.


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