Sultan of Brunei Protects the Faith of His People

On the topic of Christmas, this article appeared in the Telegraph regarding the Sultan of Brunei’s implementation of Sharia law in banning the public acknowledgement and celebration of Christmas.

Sultan of Brunei Implements an Aspect of Sharia for the Protection of His People


Of course, even the phrasing of the title of the article is meant to immediately make the man sound like a backward religious brute for doing what he does, but he is merely following the example of the beloved Caliph Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) who instituted a similar measure of protection, on one hand, banning the public celebration of “Christian” festivities (which are in reality actually not Christian at all, but of pagan origin, but that is a whole other story), while on the other hand, safeguarding the celebration of Christian festivities within the confines of their own communities.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs said in a statement: “These enforcement measures are … intended to control the act of celebrating Christmas excessively and openly, which could damage the aqidah (beliefs) of the Muslim community.”

In a warning to Muslims earlier this month, a group of Imams warned that any celebration “not in any way related to Islam” could lead to “‘tasyabbuh’ (imitation) and unknowingly damage the ‘aqidah’ (faith) of Muslims”.

“During Christmas celebrations, Muslims following that religion’s acts – such as using their religious symbols like cross, lighting candles, making Christmas trees and singing religious songs, sending Christmas greetings, using signs praising the religion, putting up decorations or creating sounds and doing anything that amounts to respecting their religion – are against Islamic faith,” the Imams said, according to the Borneo Bulletin.

“Some may think that it is a frivolous matter and should not be brought up as an issue. But as Muslims and as a Zikir Nation, we must keep it (following other religions’ celebrations) away as it could affect our Islamic faith.”

If only Muslim leaders of the West could of have the clarity that the Sultan of Brunei had with regard to warning their people against the dangers of engaging with these kuffar festivities. Of course, even within the supposed “Muslim” community, there were dissenters (a.k.a. munafiqs)…

Some Brunei residents rejected the ban, by posting Christmas pictures on social media using the #MyTreedom hashtag.

And just to finish their Western-orientated portrayal of the Sultan’s actions (which are not based on his own reasoning or decision, but completely in line with the advice given by the imams of his country, in line with Quran and Sunnah), they bring up the controversy that was stirred by the institution of “Hadud” within the realm of criminal law. I wonder how these same Brunei residents who were so amorous towards their “Treedom” would have had to murmur about their leader’s decision in this regard…

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