1. LATEST UPDATE: He pulled down his fatwa after copping so much flack from many brothers and sisters. But we still have the screenshots as evidence of what he was trying to promote. And also it could provide the platform for promoting more of the truth about hijab.

  2. Assalaamu alaikum, I too noted he took down this post(and quite quickly as well). But I say alhamdulillah because he revealed his ideology; that of modernism. This narrative of re-interpretation in regards to issues that are enshrined in aqeedah and Islamic jurisprudence is a scourge to dawah to both Muslims and non-Muslims. This brother’s post disappointed me, but to be honest, it did not surprise me at all as his journey to this narrative above started quite a long time ago. May Allah subhanala wa’taala guide him. Amin.

    • Waleikum asalaam… In shaa Allah we can help strengthen the original interpretation, which really isn’t interpretation at all but just the truth, as opposed to the whole “modernist Muslim” approach of changing everything to suit the nafs of this day and age. May Allah guide him and all of us.

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