People ask us what the Muslim Unity Project is about. Well, our goal is huge! We are talking about the establishment of the Muslim Ummah, following the law of Allah, protecting the Muslims from oppression. So it is a huge goal, and in truth it will only come about by the will of Allah.

But before we can even consider the actual tangible establishment of such a State, first Muslims need to be educated. Today we have Muslims who praise man-made laws, systems and methodologies (such as , and degrade the law of Allah. We have Muslims who are trying to mislead the masses, like that fatwa that was issued by a scholar saying that hijab isn’t fard, that its just sunna and could be removed. But we had a small victory today, alhamdulillah, because that fatwa got taken down. That’s so great. It is a baby step, but its huge.

So the Muslim Unity Project is not some big group or organisation, but we are a movement of the people, doing what we can in the way that Allah swt has granted us to, making Dawah. So we are using what tools we have, which includes the Internet, social media, and so forth.

Allah has said that this Ummah will never unite under batil (deception) and he says that there will be fitna and fisaq across the lands unless this Ummah unites. But He also says that this Ummah will never unite except under His orders.

So with that we go forth in this effort, even though we could be a complete failure and not acheive anything. But we know that Sharia is fard on all Muslims, and we know that unless we do all that we can to promote the truth, then we will have to give answer for it on the day of Judgement.


We are being constantly asked, “So can I do?” Well, in reality, we can’t give you the answer. What we are seeking to do is SO big. It has never really been done since the Prophet (saw) was on the earth and he established the Khalifate in Medina. But we do know that the truth needs to be spoken and people need to be reached with knowledge.

So anybody who has the ability can contribute with writing articles, or creating memes or artwork, or videos. Our enemy knows the power of social media and the kuffar pour loads of money into their effort to propagandise our people.

So for now, it is definitely an important front to fight on. Things such as that fatwa need to be exposed and addressed, the munafiqs need to be put to shame, their mouths need to be silenced so that their deviance can not continue to sway this Ummah. And then that silence needs to be filled with speech based on the haqq, so that awareness of this awesome deen can be made manifest.